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All of our babies have been sold for this season. We will have more babies available to go to new homes Mid October 2016

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If you are looking to buy your first hand raised parrot then we have some great news for you!

With over 15 years experience in hand raising parrots we can guide you in the right direction when it comes to picking your new best friend.

Baby Hand Raised Alexandrines Prices

Why pay $600 - $700 - $800 or $900 for a half tame, unsexed baby Alexandrine from a pet shop?

Save yourself money and future heart ache! Get your baby Alexandrine direct from a trusted breeder

All of our babies are professionally hand raised and hand tamed by us.

Male with DNA certificate only $495

Female with DNA certificate only $450

Here's a photo of one of our quality breeding pairs of Alexandrine Parrots

Why Should You Trust Us ?

We understand that it not easy to trust everyone selling their products on the Internet, so we have asked some of our customers to share their buying experience from us with you.

Our first testimonial is from Sam Walters with Floyd in Tasmania.

I have been planning on having a pet Alexandrine for over two years and the time has now come where I've been able to fit one of them into my life. I researched plenty over the internet and came across a great site just in Victoria, not far from Tassie. I contacted Hand Raised Parrots who were of great help, I was then ready to order and wait. Last week on Saturday 29th/10th/2011 I finally received my long awaited friend 'FLOYD'. Once I placed the box that he came in into the cage and opened it he came out eagerly to meet his new food bowl. Its been Four days now and he is already coming out of his cage to greet me and wander around. At only around 9 weeks old i can't thank the guys enough for hand raising such a gentle and tame bird. I highly recommend Hand Raised Parrots as your first choice for quality hand raised pet birds.

Thanks again yours sincerely, Sam

Our second testimonial is from Nick and Fiona in Pakenham Victoria

We are so thrilled to introduce our new baby Alexandrine, Rupert to our home. He is a gentle giant and such a well mannered young man! Testament to your knowledge and professionalism as bird breeders. We couldn't have asked for more.
Thank you also for sourcing his new high quality home for us at such an AMAZINGLY competitive price AND for taking the time to come out to our place to give my son, Ty some tips and training on how to manage him - without charge!! We seriously believe you should be offering a training service to facilitate the enormous skill you have invested into these creatures and we are thrilled that you are in the works to provide such a product!! When it is ready we will be signing up because as parrot owners - we know there is so much to learn and keep up to speed on.
We honestly couldn't have asked for a more well rounded service!!
We already have an Alex, Miss Bean - who came to us from a private home that wasn't ideal. As much as we adore her, the difference between her and Rupert is enormous - not just in terms of behaviour, but in terms of breeding and bloodline.
I would NEVER contemplate purchasing a parrot from anywhere else. No pet shop could match the standard you offer. And as owners of a vet clinic, and my husband being a veterinarian - we know the difference between average Avian breeding and the best. My advice for budding parrot owners: DO NOT source your best friend from ANYWHERE ELSE....Alexandrines Hand Raised is the ONLY option if you want the highest standard. These guys are the best in their field.
So THANK YOU. We couldn't be more satisfied and we will keep you abreast of Rupert's wonderful progress to come.
Much love - Fiona, Nick, Hugh, Ty, Daniel and Sophie x

Heres another testimonial from Erin and Rob

Hi there,,

Thank you very much for allowing us to purchase such an amazing Alexandrine Parrot,
She is a hen and We named her Cookie.

At the beginning it was quite hard as it was like having a baby,
Cookie would not stop crying and biting us.

Then we decided to bring her for a visit to you guys to
see what was the matter with our baby girl.

They explained that it was quite normal and she would snap out of her baby ways soon and yes she did. Thank you very much for your reassurance on raising Cookie.

Cookie is now an absolute menace and whistles and screams like a little girl when she wants our attention, She is beginning to say Hello and we are now teaching her to say Kisses and make the noise.
She is only 4 months old but is very very good at Whistling.

I am very thankful for my husband finding your website as we have an amazing Parrot. We love her very much and are thinking of getting a male so she will have a mate, but I'm not sure how well she will take it as she is the head of the house hold here hahaha :) :)

Thank you once again and anyone who is looking to buy and Alexandrine parrot or any other birds from Hand Raised Parrots make sure you do because they are wonderful breeders.

Cheers Erin and Rob

Can Female Alexandrines talk as good as males? Watch this Youtube video

Here is a talking male Alexandrine Parrot

We are Alexandrine parakeet breeders Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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